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Umbrella Companies in the United Kingdom

Christine Evans/ August 22, 2016/ Finance/

As an intermediary between the contractors and clients, umbrella company the UK handles all administration and paperwork associated with contracting. This involves the umbrella company handling taxation, payroll, invoice issuance and chasing down clients for payment, leaving the contractor to focus on recruiting and earning money. Typically a contractor of freelancer running a limited company has to find customers and conduct business while still considering the administrative aspects of operation such as insurance and accounting taxes. The umbrella company is very popular in Britain. This is a lot of unnecessary hassle, which lowers productivity. Umbrella companies take away this trouble and optimize the contractor’s productivity.

Basic facts

How do umbrella companies work?

The contractor joins an umbrella group on a contracted basis as an employee with the title of yhhhhhhprofessional consultant. This means that the contractor continues to thrive in his trade while enjoying full employee rights and entitlements from the company. After signing on as an employee, the contractor continues working on his or her contracts as usual. The umbrella company takes up all other businesses not related to the contract. For their services, the umbrella company only retains a margin of the income and after tax and NIC deductions pay the remainder to the contractor.

Benefits of umbrella companies

  • It is very easy to join an umbrella company. You only have to sign on via their website or phone then sign an employment contract. Leaving is also as easy.
  • From an umbrella company, you stand to enjoy job entitlements such as paid holidays, sick leaves, public liability insurance and allowances such as food and travel allowances.
  • As an employee of an umbrella company, there is little paperwork involved. The company works behind the scenes to handle all the paperwork, the HMRC, and accountants. You only have to fill a single timesheet and expenses sheet each week.
  • With umbrella companies, you are free to sign any length of contract you desire. If you are interested in a short nine-month or less contract or extended contract, both provisions exist.
  • Since the umbrella company employs you, IR35 no longer applies to you. This means that IR35 legislation and other MSC issues no longer apply to you.


hnbxcawUmbrella companies have been around for a long time and are very popular among contractors. This is because they are the surest and safest way to cut back on the paperwork of a limited company while maximizing income retention.

In umbrella company the UK, you have an organization that takes care of your day-to-day business activities freeing you to focus on what you do best whether it is service delivery or product creation.…