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Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Accountancy Services For A Small Business

Christine Evans/ January 1, 2017/ Accounting/

Having a small business is a real achievement in life, which comes with¬†many benefits and responsibilities. This includes financial independence if your business is running well. However, handling your business’ finances might seem like an easy job that can be done by anyone, but that is usually not the case. Getting it done correctly entails having a lot of time, technical knowledge, and experience in¬†financial procedures, which you may not have. It is the reason as to why accountants do it as a profession.qesfqsfsfvsfbv

Employing the services of the professionals will ensure that you keep your finances together, among many other benefits. Thus, you need to ensure that you find the right accountant, who bears all the necessary qualifications. For a business in Essex, you can consider working with brighton & hove accountants chartered accountants based in this city. Below are some questions you must answer before outsourcing accountancy services.

Questions to ask before outsourcing accountancy services

Which kind of services do you expect to get?

The types of services that you may need can vary, such as getting your annual tax returns done, making a financial forecast, or even simply getting some advice on potential investment opportunities. Ideally, some accountants may only be able to offer a few services, while others can provide comprehensive services. Ensure that the company chosen can address all your needs.

Are bookkeeping services part of what the accountant offers?

Accounting and bookkeeping are considered as two separate aspects of financial maintenance. Bookkeepers have to provide accurate records of all financial transactions of your business, which are essential for loan and investment applications, monthly statements, financial analysis, payroll, accurate tax returns and much more. Moreover, an accountant will utilize the records made by the bookkeeper to prepare the mentioned documents. Some accountants offer both services, but many only do accounting.

What certifications does the accountant have?

awdfsvssfvcqdfA good accountant should be state certified to handle accounting. The main certification designations of accountants include a CPA and CMA. An accountant with a CPA means that he has passed the uniform CPA exam and met additional experience and education that the state requires. A CMA is one who is certified as having advanced knowledge in financial management in specific areas.

What experience does the accountant have in the industry?

There are firms of accountants that specialize in specific areas of accountancy like provision of payroll services, while others cover a broad range of area. Ensure that your accountant is familiar and experienced in the area you need help.…