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Choosing The Right PPI Claims Company

Christine Evans/ July 14, 2017/ Personal Finance/

PPI claims have been a contentious subject in the UK. This is the aftermath of a scandal that saw unsuspecting financial customers swindled. These are mostly people who had their loans, credit cards and mortgages that had a PPI attached to them. Most of these people are victims of PPI mis selling. In attempts to claim these amounts, there is a real need to work with a company that will help you with your claim. Here are some key attributes to look for when looking for a ppi claims company.

Qualities of a genuine PPI claims company

You only pay when the claim is successfulsaSxcadcfsdcfsD

Different companies adopt different payment plans for their services. As such, you should avoid those that ask for upfront payments. Instead, a company that operates on the principle of “no win no fee.” This implies that you are only expected to pay only if the claims are successful.

The company gives you time to reflect

When making your claim, you need to work with a company that has your interests at heart. One way of telling whether or not you are dealing with the right people is how they handle the transaction. Ideally, a good company should offer you a “cooling off window” to ensure you reflect and make an informed decision. This period mostly lasts for about two weeks, beyond which you cannot cancel the transaction.

It should have a history of successful claims

The company you are about to choose should have a decent record of accomplishment. A company that has made successful PPI claims in the past is a company you should work with. You can get the statics by asking them for a list of any successful claims in the past. A successful history serves as an assurance that your application will also be among the success stories.

It should be able to handle all types of claims

If you have some PPI claims, you will realize that each requires a different approach. As such, you should ascertain whether the company has was it takes to handle your claim. You can easily tell this by looking at the nature of claims they have handled before.

If you are looking for a company to help you with your PPI claims, you need to work with a company that pays only if the claim is successful. They should also not be in a hurry of finalizing the deal by offering a cooling off period for you to reflect. Ultimately, you also need a company that has all it takes to handle your claim.…

Advantages Of Unsecured Personal Loans Over Secured Loans

Christine Evans/ September 22, 2016/ Personal Finance, Uncategorized/

There are two main options for securing a loan from any financial institution. One can opt for either an unsecured personal loan or a secured one. The choice on whether to get a secured or unsecured personal loan should have a reflection of the benefits to the loaned.

Which is the better between unsecured and secured loans?

Each of these two options has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, an unsecured personal loan has the upper hand compared to the secured loan. Moreover, you should also consider going for the best unsecured loan and not just any other loan. There are many reasons unsecured personal loans are better than secured loans. Here are some of the benefits of unsecured personal loans that one cannot get when seeking a secured loan.

Benefits of Unsecured Personal Loans

Quick completionedfsfvgswgfrqaefdq

When you go for an unsecured personal loan, there will be quick application and processing of the loan process. This is because there is nothing much to be evaluated. Secured loans must go through a thorough evaluation process that takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to go for an unsecured personal loan if you want quick processing of your loan. In many cases, people get unsecured personal loans on the same day of the application making it a faster way of getting money as compared to secured personal loans.

No risks to your home

Another benefit of an unsecured personal loan is that it has no risk to your home or assets. This is an advantage to many homeowners who need a loan and do not want to risk their homes. As its name suggests, an unsecured personal loan does not pose a direct threat to any asset and therefore protecting property against any risk. This is unlike secured personal loans, which require one to attach assets as security. A secured loan puts a home to risk.

Minimal documentation

qsDcADvdqThere are very few documents required for one to get an unsecured loan. This is an advantage over the secured loans since it makes one’s work quite easy. The documents required when seeking an unsecured personal loan are quite few and easy to find compared to the tons of documents one presents for a secured loan.

Readily available

It is also worth noting that unsecured personal loans are readily available in both physical and online financial companies. It is a common option since many people prefer going for unsecured personal loans to secured loans. It is an advantage to seek unsecured personal loans since there are higher chances of getting a loan compared to secured loans.…

Be Finance-Savvy in Three Easy Steps

Christine Evans/ December 3, 2015/ Personal Finance/

Be finance-savvy in three easy steps. Budget your finances and go for cheaper options. Allot a portion of your paycheck for your savings, and learn to invest your money for better financial security. Earning money might be no easy task, but saving money is harder. For most people, budgeting is a major headache and managing your finances-limited or otherwise it is a major challenge. These days, one needs to be not just book-smart, but street-smart when it comes to handling your finances.

Steps To Financial Freedom


If your spending habit is more than what you get every payday, then your finances are in dire condition. The first step to a fatter checkbook and financial security is to learn to curb your spending habits and budget your finances. Plan what to buy and when to buy things.

Every month, make a detailed list of your expenses–from the bills to pay for your simple luxuries. And then check which items you need to buy (or pay off like your bills) and those which you can forego or lessen, like that espresso from the coffee shop or a restaurant dinner. You will see how much you can save, or in another case, how much you’ve been wasting. Compare your spending habit with the actual amount you earn each month.

The key is to get a good, long look at the state of your finances and see how much you’ve been spending, how much you can save, and to live within your means.


The next step to financial security is saving. Once you’ve learned to live within your means, choose cheaper options and curb your spending habits, the next thing to do is to “pay-off” your savings account with the money you were able to save after budgeting your money. The key is to allocate every month a certain portion of your paycheck to your savings account.

Consider it a loan you are required to pay every month or every payday. It is true that we have bills to pay and daily expenditures to mind, but start allotting at least 20-30% of your paycheck for your savings. Most financial advisers would even advise putting away your savings share first before you even pay your bills or start that shopping spree.

Managing your finances is not just about managing your spending habits and budgeting, but learning to save as well.


No businessman earns without investing. Having stable savings is good. But finances that grow and expand and earn its value is better. Your finances, that is, your savings account may be earning interest in the bank. But investing it in a business venture, for example, will earn it greater interest. In a few months’ time, your thousand bucks may have already doubled its value.

Of course, investing your money is not without risks. You have to jmkbt23ge5dty7u27understand that when it comes to finances and the financial world, everything is pretty much a gamble. So for starters, learn the kind of investment you’d like to put your money into.

The idea is that while it’s good to have that money stored in the bank, the better way to go is to have your money earning interest and increasing its value.

To be financially-savvy, think of three things: Budget, Save, and Invest. Soon, you’ll find that earning money and handling your finances is easy as one-two-three.…