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Offshore Umbrella Company – Facts To Know

Christine Evans/ January 26, 2018/ Business/

An offshore umbrella company offers freelancers and contractors the service of running their businesses while relieving them the pressure that comes with it. The major benefit that can be earned by business owners from offshore umbrella companies is that they are enabled to keep around 90% of their earnings. This is made possible because all the money that is earned offshore is not taxed thanks to the Mrs. Thatcher, who set the rule in 1979.


There is one key principle that runs this kind of company; money that is delivered offshore remains offshore. Money that is not onshore like a loan can never be taxed. The offshore umbrella company loans money to the contractor and the contractor defaults in payment and then the company takes the contractor’s money on the grounds of that defaulting. Therefore, at the end of the day, the contractor evades taxation.

Benefits of an Offshore Umbrella Company

When an offshore umbrella company comes your way, they become your employer so as to help you attain all the benefits of your company. Here are the benefits that you are assured of enjoying;

Tax Avoidance

When I talk about tax avoidance, I don’t mean the illegal tax evasion. In this case, the offshore umbrella companies take advantage of the set rule to help the contractors attain maximum profits from their companies. The government has some complaints, but they have no grounds for allegations since the law allows it.

Certified Insurance

Every business needs protection to keep it from collapsing when you face financial hits. When under the cover of an umbrella company all your insurance needs will be well taken care of.

Professional Management

Having your administrative tasks being run by a professional will make your business more productive. With an umbrella company, you will be stress-free from arranging contract forms and every kind of documentation.

It offers resources and saves your time

An offshokmn35wedft26edy72u7ey82i29re umbrella company will help you acquire the resources that you need to keep your business going. It will also help you have some extra time because they take care of all your administration needs like calculating tax, credit controls and processing timesheets.

When working with an offshore umbrella company all, you need from them is their know-how and expertise. Using their services will help you to keep a large amount of your income than you could have managed on your own. Get linked to an offshore umbrella company today and get a solution to all the administrative needs of your company.…

How TO Choose A Reliable Accountant

Christine Evans/ January 24, 2017/ Business/

When you’re in the process of looking for an Accountant in Belfast for your business or for your personal needs you should undergo various steps to ensure that you’re able to hire someone who is reliable and competent for the position that you wanted to be filled in.

How TO Choose A Reliable Accountant

Have a reference list

The first thing that you need to do is to fgfdgdfgdfgfdghave a reliable reference list. There are various bases for you to build a list of prospects. If you need an accountant for personal use, you can rely on your financial planner for a reference because you already had a financial relationship with them and they could surely refer.On the other hand, if you need an accountant for your business purposes, you can ask for a reference from your business partners or to someone who has the same business of yours or of companies that are of the same size as yours.

Prepare the questions to ask

The second step is to prepare lists of questions to ask pertaining to your reasons or purposes of hiring an accountant. If you’re looking for an accountant for your business, it is good to include questions concerning on tax planning, payroll questions and cost accounting. If you intend to use them for personal purposes, you may include questions concerning on large inheritance questions and capital gains and losses aspects. If you’re looking at hiring a larger firm, you will most likely interview a representative of the firm or company that will represent their variety of services for your business.

Gather information before making the decision

dfgdgdfgdfgdfgFinally, you need to consider all information for decision making. The decision making could be the hardest and stressful part because it’s hard to imagine the future of the business and the problems associated with hiring an unworthy person for the position.It is important to select someone with wide experience in various accounting fields specifically to accounting areas that you need them.

Check the background experience

An excellent background and feedbacks could be a prerequisite to ensure that you’re hiring someone with the highest level of performance and dedication. The price is a large consideration in decision making, but should not be the main reason of your choice. Eventually, it is better to hire a certain accountant or firm who charges a little bit more, but with competent services rather than preferring a low-cost accountant or firm which in the long run could end up to financial misstatement or could cause tax penalties for your business due to improper income reporting.…